Why start a business? What is your purpose for being in business? These questions can lead you to writing your mission statement.

Why have a mission statement?

If you look at the leading companies and their leaders you’ll most likely find they inspire us with their purpose. The “Why” they do it. And, people buy “why you do it.”
Just think about that for a moment. The last time you bought a product you probably looked at 3 or 4 variations or brands of the same one you were shopping for, right? My guess is the one you decided to buy was the one that had a more emotional message somewhere in the headline or body copy.

For example, you could go online in search of just the right new laptop, and in doing so you could look at many different models by different manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Samsung, etc.
Which brand has a message that speaks to you and talks to “why” they’re in the business of selling laptops? Something like “We make it easy to connect you to the world”…and by the way, we make and sell computers. Now, wouldn’t you rather buy from a company that inspires you with a great message instead of “Buy this computer and get 20% Off today” –  No inspiration there.

There’s a video by Simon Sinek that really explains this message. Click here to watch it. Worth the 18 minutes: How great leaders inspire action

In our day-to-day business as usual attitude we can forget about why we started our own business, and in doing so can drift away from our passion we had when the original idea hit us. It’s a good idea to step back and have a fresh look at how we present our products or services to the world as inspiration my need to be rehabilitated.

And, hopefully so will your sales.