Professionals are in many industries. Doctors, builders, carpenters, plumbers, financial consultants, bankers and many, many more. So, what makes a professional? The answer is pretty simple – someone who knows their business inside and out and gets the desired results that the client or customers wants.

The professional graphic designer is also someone who knows  all the ins and outs of being creative not only visually but conceptually. Being able to take an idea and make it look appealing to such a degree that the desired results happen over and over again. Just as with other pros in other fields, the art director or creative director understands how to move visuals to have just the correct affect on the onlooker.

So why hire a professional designer?
Here are 10 very good reasons.

  1. Eye trail. What’s eye trail? It’s knowing how to arrange visuals and typography in such a way to lead the visitor through the page so they get the messages in the right order. Having a headline that grabs the person and then knowing where the next item on the page should go to further the message. This is also done with understanding visual impact and color.
  2. Color. Most people don’t know about how colors have a strong or weak affect but they really do. For example, the color blue emotes trust and understanding. Red usually means “buy”. Then there are all the other colors and different hues and tints that also play along in the color game of design. Some people like pure color meaning full strength colors while others may choose more muted or tinted colors.
  3. Typography. Typography also has an affect much like color. The font and its’ size and color can make or break poster, ad, website or ad. Logo types are a good example how typography can be intergraded with other elements such as symbols to make a custom signature. Setting type is an art form and a true professional knows this when designing anything.
  4. Experience. Professional graphic designers have honed their skills over time by researching what does and doesn’t work so they begin to have an idea what elements will and won’t work. A good web designer knows how to make an impact on the visitor and keep them interested with images, color and typography that works throughout the pages.
  5. Continuity. Knowing how to arrange elements and creating a color palette and similar images is what a good designer does. It’s the glue that keeps the message clear and ongoing without any interruption. Headlines are usually the same size, font and color and body copy point sizes are the same throughout the piece so you recognize these elements work together and after a while you don’t think about them because nothing bounces out as an out point.
  6. Message. The professional designer can take what message the client is after and develop a powerful image and layout that communicates it clearly and quickly. These things just don’t happen automatically. It can take training and experience pro to understand how to create a non existent concept and develop it in a visual. The clearer the concept, the faster it’s realized by the onlooker.
  7. Problem solving. Most of the time clients come to me for problem solving for marketing and design pieces. That’s what designers are there for – to do what non professional designers can’t or aren’t trained to do. A smart client usually knows he or she won’t be able to come up with a design concept as good as a pro designer. Sometime business owners will try and save money by doing it themselves and then see at the end that they need to call in the right person for this type of project.
  8. Saving money. After all is said and done, using a professional designer will save time and money. They know how to do things faster because that’s their training. People who use inexperienced designers or untrained personnel will never get the level of work back they could have if they just called on a real pro.
  9. Working with Printers and Web Services. Most business people don’t use printers much and usually don’t understand what it takes to develop a website and how to deal with domain and hosting services. In today’s world, most pro designers have to be able to be not only proficient dealing with commercial printers but also understand the ins and outs of website development and also updating them and keeping them functioning without any down time.
  10. Who ya gonna call? Would you call your bank representative in to help you design your company website? How about asking your production manager of your textile factory to design a powerpoint presentation for your investors? Maybe have your Mercedes mechanic update your website? I know this sound far fetched, but I have had clients tell me they’ve pulled their hair out trying to save time and money by asking unqualified people to be on the spot professional designers. It is important to use professionals for any job that needs one. Use a professional designer for your next project.

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