Social Media: knock yourself in or out:

Why in the world would you need to be on the social media networks? It’s all about attention. And, why do you need attention? You personally may not need much but if you’re selling products or services, the more attention you can get, the higher in the rankings you’ll go. Rankings on Google translate into views on your website, blog or landing page.

Can you compete?

Is it really a competition? You better believe it is, or companies wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on Social Media Campaigns and Pay-Per-Click on Google. Companies are competing every second for your attention. Attention can turn into dollars if done correctly.

How are you going to get attention?

There are a number of ways to get attention – here are a few “musts”:
1. Internet Platforms: If you really want to gear up the attention, YouTube videos are one very effective way of getting millions of followers. Get a good video to go viral in the millions and your rankings skyrocket. Then, there’s all the Social Media Networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google Plus, etc.
2. Email Campaigns: A campaign with a dynamic message and of course a killer attention grabbing subject line sends attention your way very quickly.
3. Imagery: Yes, visuals are very important attention grabbers. Everyday, there are millions of images on our desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Most don’t hold much attention and are forgotten immediately. It’s the ones that are either a little unusual or have such a strong look along with message, color and contrast that can stop you in your mouse tracks.
4. Message: What have you got to say? Is it interesting and solve a problem for the reader? Does it have value to the person? These are all very important elements and usually keep people reading and coming back for more. It can also send them to your product or service.

Searching for the right words?

It’s all about words and Phrases. What is? Just about everything online revolves around you and I and everyone else online looking for information by asking Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines where that information can be found. Put in the correct search phrase or word and bingo, millions of pages are served up to you.

If you’re ever wondering which words or phrases to use on your website, just put yourself in your customers positions and ask, “what words or phrases would I use to find my product or service?” Then, make sure you sprinkle those words all throughout your website and your chances of being found go way up…that’s a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)

What about “Likes” and “Sharing”?


These are great ways to tell if you’re having an impact or not. Over time you may find one article may get 500 likes and one may get 50. Look over the 500 liked one and you’ll see it’s hit that valuable place with your public. Same thing for “sharing” – people are telling you there’s value and interest with what you’ve got to say.

Did this help you in anyway?

Asking for feedback is always a good thing. Takes you out of a vacuum and keeps you in more direct discussions with your public. So, I’ll ask here myself…was this of any value to you? Please let me know and thanks for reading it. I do hope it helped.

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