Social media has been around for ages!
So you think social media marketing started a few years ago with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter? Sorry, Charlie, social media has been around since the cave man. Let’s look into this:

From Cave to Cave
Back in the days of cave living how do you think people communicated with each other? How about all those cave wall writings. They had to leave messages for their friends and family about where they went hunting or how big their herd was to impress those coming by to hang out.

Sands of Time
Those people living near the ocean or on the beach use to leave messages for friends in the sand if they had to go in search of dinner out in the ocean. Hopefully at low tide and far enough away from the surf.

Smoke Works Too
The native indians used fire and smoke to communicate at great distances to warn neighbors of trouble coming their way or to just send a message of “hi, common over for bison tomorrow.” How about all those times they used smoke signals to gather the tribes to fight against intruders. Their form of “social media” worked perfectly for them.

The Original Code
Before today’s programming code we had our famous Morris Code which worked perfectly in the old west to communicate just about anything to anyone anywhere…providing there was someone on the other end who could read it and transmit back.

What’s a Few Trees for The Cause
When people wanted more than clicks from the code station it became apparent having a piece of paper that could be widely distributed and let the masses know about what was going on not only in their neighborhood but across the land. Newspapers and printed books became the media of choice and have been around probably the longest of the earliest social media properties.

Make It Cheaper and Faster
Only when the computer arrived did we realize we could get our messages out faster and cheaper and without destroying the environment. So, communicating via email and enabling a conversation to be held with not just two people but limitless numbers did the social media that we use and enjoy today take hold and has been expanding every minute of every day.

Perspective is Important
So, the point is to keep things in perspective and remember evolution takes place in a number of areas we may not think of immediately.