I decided to get into the “art business”, call Graphic Design because I always thought how amazing a lot of creativity was used in the world.

Some of the true genius of designing with art has been used in posters to promote movies, album covers, books and all sorts of marketing materials.

I cut my teeth a long time ago designing with typography which has become somewhat of a lost art form. The idea that you could use a letter or group of letters in a word to communicate another idea just blew my mind.

One of the founding fathers of the logo designed for “The Godfather” was Neil Fujita.










There have numerous truly creative designs done over time for films such as this classic “Silence of the Lambs” poster designed by BLT Communications, LLC.


















The music industry also has been producing exceptionally beautifully designed album covers and artwork promoting incredible talent. Here’s an example that you might recognize.


And there’s this…