What’s the difference between a Landing page and a Home page?

Good question. Right? Yes it is. There are a few key differences to review and they are important to note when you’re designing a website that promotes products, services and eBooks.

Difference #1.

A landing page is designed to capture attention and get visitors to signup for something special and it’s far more “hard sell” than a Home page.

Difference #2.

A Home page can be designed to act very much like a landing page in that it can be a stand-alone page that has a dual function. Most Home pages have a strong headline, hero image, description copy and a call to action with “learn more” buttons or links that take the visitor deeper into the site. The Landing page may have the same format but will usually ask you to sign up right there on the pop-up form or a button that links to a signup page. Usually, the landing page will also offer some discount or something to “close” the deal immediately. Home pages can also do this but are more informative and less of a mystery you will solve by signing up for the answer.

Is Your Landing Page Hitting the Mark and Performing?

So, that landing page you have had up for a while….is it performing as you hoped it would? There’s much more to having a landing page. There’s a lot of promotion that is needed to drive your market to see it and convert as you want them to do.

Social media ads as well as blog posts and videos can get a buzz going as well as offering discounts when you invite others to check out the page.

Should you test more than one Landing Page?

Testing multiple pages is always a good idea. 2 or 3 slightly different pages can give you the valuable data that can switch on success. Changing images, slightly different headline and body copy can make a huge difference in conversions. And, it’s all about conversions.

Get Started!

The marketing landscape is continuing to evolve so it’s never too late to dive in and test the waters to see how well you can drive business when using Landing pages.

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