Project Description

Logo development for application

Project Brief

He’s known only as Bozz. A good friend and great bass player.

While he plays with many other musicians and different types of music, it was time for him to introduce himself further to the public with his own solo album. Luckily, there are two z’s in his name and two s’s in bass, so the design of the album came rather quickly.

To the right is a sample of the finished logo with the album name incorporated and below that is how the logo and album name was worked into the photographic art.

Logo development – Branding application

Logotype Design Samples & Finish

Skills Needed

Logotype development is somewhat of an art form. We see them everywhere from IBM to APPLE and NIKE. A “mark” also a term used for a logo really does brand the service or product and gives it an identity for all to see and remember.

Logo development starts with a clear understanding of what it will represent and from there being able to use typography in a smart simple way that communicates the personality of the product or service.

The trick is to keep it simple and effective but also have a unique appearance that is timeless and memorable.

Project Planning 98%
Typography 98%
Branding 96%
Graphic Design 92%

Initial Concept Planning

For years the California Superbike School was sponsored by Kawasaki. A few years ago the relationship between the school and Kawasaki ended leaving the school without a sponsor and no motorcycles. Almost immediately BMW stepped up and offered to sponsor the school. The task now was to keep the longtime and very branded logo but somehow update it.

Drafts & Revisions

BMW was making a run at introducing their first competition superbike into the already crowded sportbike segment of the motorcycle industry, so it was critical to pay attention to every detail on the bike that was going to translate into the new and improved California Superbike School Logo.

Final Delivery

After many revisions and tweaking of the rider position and details BMW required the final version to the left was approved and has been used every since BMWs first season with the School.

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