Project Description

AED – Arlington Economic Development Website

Project Brief

Were contract by Webworld Technologies to work with the marketing department of the Arlington Economic Development government division. They wanted something more up to date with what was happening technology wise and functionality as well. Their existing site was full of valuable information but there wasn’t much marketing sizzle to its’ look.

We completely revamped and designed the site and two very savvy tech IT coding magicians took our designs and made come to life and responsive to any platform as well.

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Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

It’s critical to fully understand the final goal of the client so we immerse ourselves in researching the market the client is communicating with. The branding elements from the logo to the final contact screen of the website should have a universal tone in the graphics as well as copy content.

We used our knowledge of typography and graphic design to create a simple but effective logo to brand this technology. The website uses a very robust theme that was customized for this client.

Project Planning 85%
Graphic Design 95%
Branding 96%
Web Design & Development 98%

Initial Concept Planning

The client gave us plenty of research material from focus groups that gave us a clear idea what people wanted from a website for business opportunities as well as settling their family in a new community.

Drafts & Revisions

The initial drafts were well received we started to sort of the different functions with various areas of the site.

Final Delivery

Once the design format was resolved we continued to create the other pages that would function as all the information any interested business person could ask for including detailed maps, twitter and other social feeds and a calendar of events.

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Strong Brand

We created a strong branding and marketing strategy with images and functionality. That’s what we do.

Excellent Results

Paying attention to the details enables us to stay on point and deliver projects that deliver…..over and over again.