Mother Nature Partners up with Bolt Superskin Moisturizer

A new moisturizer – organic and natural that helps replenish dry and damaged skin. This anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, non-greasy is made without harmful chemicals and is an original and proprietary formula. This new moisturizer has been rave 5-star reviews on and customers are re-ordering after they run out which promises this new formula will be around for a long time. Click here to order yours:

LOS ANGELES, CA -OCTOBER 5, 2015. A new line has launched called BOLT SUPERSKIN and is selling on as Bolt Superskin Moisturizer. This new moisturizer is totally formulated with organic and natural ingredients without any petrochemicals in the formula. Originally designed for men, women are also finding this to their liking as well.

CEO and Founder Barry Shereshevsky, a career marketing executive known man classic motion picture campaigns has turned his expertise to product development and says “ I’ve always wanted to create a line of high quality men’s grooming products and now with the immediate success of Bolt Superskin, I’m very excited about developing the rest of the line.”

Bolt Superskin has a popular Shaving Gel also selling on Amazon an is also formulated with all natural ingredients. Here’s one of Bolt’s five-star reviews:

“Good day Sir! Mitch from Nashville. For decades I have been trying to find a shave lotion product that would do it all and thanks to the reviews on Amazon and buying my first two containers of the Bolt product—I am sold!!! This is the best stuff on the market—Genius! It does everything and more. Super course beard here and it shaves it off like butter with smooth as a babies skin! You got me for life and I will be spreading the word too to my friends! All the best to you and your success.” Sincerely—Mitchell B.

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