How’s it going?

What are we talking about here? We’re talking about your ability to get your email promotion opened and converted to reaches and sales. How are you going to do that? There are a number of factors to consider, but one of the most important is the subject line.

email subject line

The Top 20

These are the top 20 subject lines and their open percentage rate used by the folks at that get very high open rates:
(#20) [Barcelona] Your Early Registration Link is HERE (Open rate: 60.5%)
(#19) We’re Upgrading! (Open rate: 60.5%)
(#18) [LIVE] Your Google Hangout is starting… (Open rate: 61%)
(#17) 7/5: The wait is over… (Open rate: 61.8%)
(#16) You have new courses! (Open rate: 62%)
(#15) Deactivation notice: Renew now (Open rate: 62%)
(#14) Here’s What’s Up for June 17! (Open rate: 62.8%)
(#13) You might be taking the wrong steps (Open rate: 62.9%)
(#12) [WSM] Live Today! (Open rate: 63%)
(#11) Your bonus training webinar is starting now! (Open rate: 64%)
(#10) [Only a Few Spots Left] You Hear About This? (Open rate: 64.5%)
(#9) Here are your discount links and coupon codes! (Open rate: 64.8%)
(#8) Big news for APM (Open rate: 67%)
(#7) [SS] 60 MINUTE WARNING. (Last call!) (Open rate: 67%)
(#6) Live TODAY (Plus: THIS is happening tomorrow…) (Open rate: 69%)
(#5) I want to see YOU (Open rate: 69%)
(#4) FINAL NOTICE (Open rate: 69%)
(#3) Your Google Hangout is starting soon… (Open rate: 69%)
(#2) Hey {{ first_name }}, did you make it? (Don’t miss the replay) (Open rate: 70.4%)
(#1) Sneak Peek (Plus: Less Than 72 Hours Left) (Open rate: 72%)

How’s your list quality?

There are other important factors such as quality of email list; you’re more likely to get responses and open emails if your list is customers who know you and your products. Then there’s the message or offer you’re sending – is this important info that they can use or not. This will give you more credibility if you give them something they can use.

Do they know you?

Who the email is coming from; hopefully they will recognize your name and will want to find out what you’ve got to say about something interesting.

A Sneak Preview

The header box; this will give the recipient an idea of what this email is about and tends to prompt them to open it and read more.

There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to eMail campaigns, but these are just a few of the most important elements. Try some of this out and let me know if these have helped.